Cary Bell
Director, Producer

Cary Bell came up through the ranks at CNN International’s London bureau, where she worked in any department that would have her and began a career in factual storytelling. After leaving CNN she transitioned into developing non-fiction content for major television networks. She has worked on projects at the early stages of inception for National Geographic, History Channel, MTV, and other cable channels. However, film and long form storytelling is her first love and she now finds herself at the helm of Butterfly Girl, her directorial debut. Cary specializes in narrative driven stories that both entertain and engage, crafting work that reads like fiction but couldn’t be more real. When Cary is not traveling the country filming or looking for her next project you can find her in the Houston barrio, her hometown and favorite city in the country.


Jessica Miller
Editor, Producer

Jessica Miller is a New York based documentary and non-fiction television editor with a degree in Visual Media Arts from Emerson College. She enjoys working with vérité footage and crafting organic scenes. And for some reason, it is a common occurrence for Jess to be smacked/punched in the arm/leg by a director/producer when they watch something they like/love.


Suz Grossman

Suz Grossman graduated from Pitzer College with a degree in Activism Through the Arts. She spent her post-college years traveling the globe and landed back where she was born in New York City. Suz has worked on numerous television shows and now works full time as a producer at Moondog Edit. Growing up in the world of independent film making, it’s no surprise that Suz finds herself here.


Jenna Jackson
Executive Producer

Jenna went to college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville – and there she met her mentor and friend, Dan Rather.  He grew her into a real journalist – and a more courageous individual – and hired her shortly after graduation. She began her career at CBS News/48 Hours. She learned a myriad of lessons about the news, people and life – and stayed there for nearly 15 years.  Jenna’s passion has always been telling real stories about real people and she started P&R Productions to do just that.  She was blessed enough to win several awards along the way, including an Emmy.


Matt Godwin

Matt has freelanced for some major networks and proudly hung from the cockpit of a helicopter to get “the shot” for an episode of 48 Hours Mysteries for CBS, and one of those shots won an Emmy! As Director of Photography, Matt is in charge of making everything look awesome, which is what he does naturally anyway.  Butterfly Girl is his first feature length documentary.